The new large flame inflatable lighter can be used to place cigarette windproof cigarette lighter smoking accessories gift

Color:  Silver Ice
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Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Metal

Model Number: 713

Technics: MIRROR

Lighter Fluid Type: Butane gas

This is a unique gift. It is strongly recommended for your family, friends and colleagues.

1. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us at any time.
2. Because the courier cannot transport gas (butane), dear, you need to add gas (butane) yourself, and the gas filling method is at the bottom of the detail page!
3. Logistics timeliness reference (for reference only): In most countries, we will choose faster logistics channels. Logistics time: 15-30 days after delivery

1, How to operate correct inflation
1. Before inflation, use a small tool to hold the inflation core, completely discharge the residual gas inside, and eliminate the pressure in the lighter gas tank;
2. Press the outlet of the gas tank vertically downward for about 5 seconds each time, two or three times.
3. After inflation, please wait for 3-5 minutes before using. If the ignition still fails after 5 minutes, please turn up the regulating valve. (Note the+-) direction.
For more details, please see the following detailed introduction.
Special reminder: In plateau areas above 1000 meters above sea level, the use of inflatable windproof and direct impact lighters will have an impact. The ignition rate drops by a large proportion, so please carefully select the windproof direct impact lighter. Try to use open flame and kerosene lighter.

Kind tips

*Keep away from face, body, clothing, metal and flammable clothing.
* Keep away from flammable and explosive materials.
*Do not pierce or use near open flames.
*Do not stay in the sun for a long time.
*Do not light the flame for more than 5 seconds each time.
*Lighters are not toys - keep away from children.
*Use only in well-ventilated areas.
* Make sure the arc flame goes out after use.
*Do not touch the arc as this can cause burns or possible small shocks.

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i love the product! Luk's service is 5 star!

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.